Connecting with other believers is essential to fulfilling God's purpose in our lives. We believe that building meaningful relationships helps encourage us in our faith and support us through difficulties.

LifeGroups for Community

LifeGroups are groups of about 10-30 people who are in the same stage of life. These groups meet weekly for fellowship and a Bible lesson. These are great places to celebrate each other's successes and bear each other's burdens. We believe that it is extremely difficult to feel a sense of belonging without the kinds of relationships that are grown in these groups.

To find a life group to try out, please click the button below:


D-Groups for Discipleship

D-Groups are small groups of 3-5 people of the same gender who meet weekly. People in a D-Group go deeper in Bible study, scripture memorization, and prayer. These are relationships built on love, support, and accountability.

D-Groups are closed groups. Because will feel that discipleship should happen organically, the church does not assign people to D-Groups. To become involved in a D-Group, you must be asked by someone who has already been discipled through this process or start your own D-Group. If you have any questions about D-Groups, please contact Matthew Isennock.